When In Texas

Jenna Scott loves the open road, solo camping and feeding people. A self-taught chef and lifelong vegetarian, she can’t wait to open her first restaurant and prove that you can make friends with salad. But in Clifton Texas?

Rancher and retailer, Alex Barclay, knows Texans live for steak and brisket. But kale and quinoa? Not so much. While the vegetarian is about as cute as a woman can get, she’s also more than naïve about her business prospects in Clifton. But she has the right to fail anywhere she likes.

The town’s elder statesman disagrees. As far as he’s concerned, Jenna is the next natural disaster to hit cattle country. An insult to ranchers and a menace to the Texas economy.

When he takes a hard line against Jenna, refusing to rent her the space they agreed upon, Jenna is left with spoiling supplies, broken dreams and nowhere to go. Alex’s sense of fair play won’t let him stand back and do nothing. His brother runs a café inside Alex’s store, a space which will be empty for two more weeks until his brother gets back from France. Knowing it will turn a lot of folks against him, Alex offers to let Jenna open a pop-up restaurant in the café anyway. Two weeks to prove that statesman wrong. To show the town that kale and quinoa can indeed live happily ever after with steak and brisket.

Jenna can either accept Alex’s help or get back in her camper and drive, letting that narrow-minded statesman win. A pop-up isn’t what she planned, but Jenna has never been the type to back down from a fight. And for the first time since she can remember, the open road is not as appealing as the cowboy who wants her to stay.


“When Dreaming Big means serving veggies to cattle people, passion triumphs… hilariously!”
– Five Stars, Sylvia McNicoll, Author


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