Charmed, I’m Sure

One minute Maxine Hedley is the happy bride-to-be heading back home to introduce her fiancé Peter to her eccentric mother, the next she’s the girl who gets dumped on the phone. And it doesn’t help a thing that her teenage crush, Sam O’Neal, heard the whole thing. When a mysterious woman hands her a love charm guaranteed to bring the right man to her, and her best friend arrives with a plan to get Peter back, Max is confident jumps in with both feet. She’s confident that everything will work out fine. All Sam has to do is stay away. And all she has to do is want him to.


“Extremely amusing, light hearted, soaked in romance, and with magic under the moonlight.
This was such a fun reading!! I literally devoured the book in a couple of hours, the plot flows with the magic that surrounds the story, both characters, Sam and Max could easily be your neighbors, they’re down to earth, real and with great personalities, their chemistry is strong, you find yourself wanting to read how, when and where they’re going to kiss!! The secondary characters are charming, especially Max’s mother, each one brings funny and crazy situations into the story.
This is the kind of book that you read on the beach, on a lunch break or in a cloudy day with a cup of coffee and chocolate.
Highly recommended!! Grab a copy…Oh, and you’re welcome *Wink-Wink*”
– Julia


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