Intro to Random Scribbling

April 26, 2013

A note from Lynda:

I’ve never been good at blogging. Ask me to write a book or a short story or a piece of flash fiction and I will be up and pounding the keys at dawn. But A Successful Blog is another matter entirely. A thing with rules and expectations and books and courses designed to help me get it right. Even thinking about it makes me twitch.

“Then just write about what interests you,” some have said.

I’m interested in politics and religion, cooking and canoeing, my family and my cat. But the first two topics will inevitably get me into trouble, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read about another cat, or what I made for dinner, or why my canoe suddenly has a dent in it. And while fiction is my passion, after seventeen years of teaching, I have nothing new to say about the writing process.

So when I think about blogging, my mind goes blank, my eyes glaze over and no matter how long I sit in front of the keyboard, nothing happens. But if I put all of the Rules of Successful Blogging aside and just let myself write whatever comes into my head, then the fog lifts and the result is Random Scribbling.

Here you’ll find opinion pieces and flash fiction, none of it written to schedule or with any kind of regularity. On the contrary, these pieces usually appear when a novel is being difficult or an issue keeps nagging at me, refusing to go away until I put my thoughts down on paper.

I hope you enjoy Random Scribbling, and if you’re interested in reading the next piece – whenever that may be – please sign up for the newsletter. I promise it won’t be more than a line or two, letting you know that something random has appeared in the scribblings.